Bonjour! I'm Nausicaa.

I work as a FRENCH TEACHER since 2013.

I work as a YOGA TEACHER since 2017.

In 2020, I started to support babies, mothers and their families.


A few year ago, my best friend Aurélie, living in France and mother of 2, told me: "I've got a lot of support during my pregnancy and at the hospital for the birth, but after that I felt quiet left alone with how to be a mum."

I keep remembering this sentence since then. And it's been a journey towards my work today.

In 2022, I'm turning 37 and the last 10 years, I witnessed women, friends around me going through motherhood. I listened to their story and realised how transformative it is. Always very intense, in a giant rainbow of emotions. Early life is challenging, as those little tiny humans rely so much on us. But they are going towards more and more independence.

This is a period. For you, it's postpartum time: time to rest, to recover, to heal, to find balance in your new life.

I trust mothers.
I trust babies.
And happy babies will turn out to be happy grownups.



Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training (2022) YOGA MOVES (NL) & BIRTHLIGHT YOGA (UK)

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (2022) YOGA MOVES (NL) & BIRTHLIGHT YOGA (UK)

First Aid for Babies & Children Training (2021) RED CROSS - Amsterdam

Doula Course with Michel Odent (2021) | PARAMANA Doula Course

Montessori Assistant (0-3) Training (2020) | AMI - Montessori Institute Prague

Marie Kondo Philosophy | Self-study

Baby Signs Language (French) & Ukulele | Self-study 

Non-Violent Communication Training (2019) | A TOUCH OF EMPATHY - Amsterdam

Kids and Families Teacher Training (2018) | RAINBOW KIDS YOGA - Amsterdam

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (2017) | PADMAKARMA - India 

Master of Cultural Management (2011) | University of AIX-MARSEILLE





"Nausicaa has been an angel in our house for quite some time now. We’re so grateful she was introduced to us. We had only moved to Amsterdam a few months before having our first baby and with no family or friends around to support us, Nausicaa has been a tremendous help for us navigating a new life and rythmn as parents.
Our little one loves her and is always excited to spend time with her. Nausicaa’s knowledge and passion for babies and toddlers’s development is certainly a great asset that she brings to your home!"

~ Julie & Baby César ~ (Montessori Baby)

"Our son is a big Nausicaa fan as he has been attending her beautiful French baby classes for a little while. Unsurprisingly to us, he was happy to see her at his first birthday party! The other children were too. Having Nausicaa with us brought a lovely, light, colourful focus for the babies and small children and something fun for the parents to observe and join in with too.

I’d highly recommend having Nausicaa be a part of your children’s special day!"

~ Helen & Baby Max ~ (Les Mots Dansés + Birthday party)


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