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​"Post-partum lasts 3 years."

Anna Roy (French Midwife)

The support that I can provide includes various aspects of daily life after giving birth. We first explore together the important dimensions of this period with your PPP [PostPartum Project]. We can integrate Yoga to your new life with your baby. And if you need time for self-care, I can take care of your baby and help you in your house.


- only for Yoga students -

- From 3 months to 3 years old

- Monday to Friday (day time)

- Morning 9am-12pm or Afternoon 2pm-5pm

- Only 3 to 6 hours a week

- Montessori philosophy

As the first years can be challenging, I can help you with you baby/toddler. I listen, I notice, I regulate and support need, emotions and behaviours in a mindful and creative environment. I'm passionate about early development and believe that their environment is the foundation of happiness and growth.

What's in there?

♡ Feeding, changing, sleeping, interacting, playing...

♡ Setting up Montessori routines & activities.

♡ Light housekeeping

Photo Credit ♡ Katell Chevalier 

MY PPP | PostPartum Project |

- only for Yoga students -

A new life is coming, a baby and a mother will be born. The first weeks, months and years are challenging. It can really make a difference if you allow yourself to identify your needs and get support to heal and recover. We will explore the different dimensions of this transforming period.

What's in there?

♡ 2 hours discussion/exchange & a shared online space for resources

♡ 1 printed document for planning & guidelines

♡ Healthy snacks


Petit-déjeuner sain


Nourishing and warm food is essential for the recovery of the body and emotions. I can help you in selecting, preparing and delivering your postpartum food.

What's in there?

♡ Free intake over the phone

♡ Menu à la carte (on request)

♡ Home made with love, Organic & Vegan meals delivered at home (Amsterdam)



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