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empowerment & Trust of the body

  • Micro movement flow with modified postures (from second trimester).

  • The physical & emotional & spiritual dimension of motherhood.

  • Conscious breathing.

  • Pelvic floor work (release & support)

  • Sound practices to facilitate birth & self-nourishment with Ayurveda.

Prenatal Yoga is meant to build up progressively over weeks and months, body memory & embodiment of techniques that will support you during your pregnancy, labour and new life with your baby. It helps to create time & space for yourself and your baby and allow you to integrate those practices to daily life.

It will ease anxiety, boost your energy level, cultivate mental and mood clarity and support your health (and your baby's).

Extra information:

  • A short medical form must be completed.

  • Suitable for women from 12 weeks pregnant till birth.

  • Every session has a theme. 

  • Sequences of postures from restorative to juicy flow.

  • Deep pelvic floor work & stability, core strength and spinal alignment.

  • Individual tools & attention regarding pelvic floor damage & caesarean.

  • Off the mat practices for daily self-care of yourself & your baby.

  • Baby & Me practice at home.


Postnatal Yoga (Baby & Me) is built up for you to enjoy progressive practices to start your postnatal recovery and continue to add strength to your core muscles, realign your spine and stabilize your pelvic joints.
We will release tension from carrying, feeding and mothering your growing baby, enjoy some relaxation and share ways to work around your baby's needs. You will be able to practice at home with or without your baby and you will nourish the connection with your body and your little one.

Extra information:

  • Suitable for babies from 8 weeks old to pre-crawling & for new moms from 8 weeks after birth.

  • Short medical form must be completed.

  • Every session has a theme.


Photo Credit ♡ Katell Chevalier 
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