Love is in the air...

Before Birth with Pregnancy Yoga, you will learn:

- Micro movement flow with modified postures (from second trimester).

- The physical & emotional & spiritual dimension of motherhood.

- Conscious breathing.

- Pelvic floor work (release & support)

- Sound practices to facilitate birth & self-nourishment with Ayurveda.

- Empowerment & trust of the body - 

After Birth with Postnatal Yoga, you will learn:

- Sequences of postures from restorative to juicy flow.

- Deep pelvic floor work & stability, core strength and spinal alignment.

- Individual tools & attention regarding pelvic floor damage & cesarean.

- Off the mat practices for daily self-care of yourself & your baby.

- Baby & Me practice at home.

- start from 3 weeks after vaginal birth to 6/8weeks after C-section.

- Movement & recovery of the body -


Birth Yoga session & More
One session focused on the day itself of giving birth to your baby. First step to build up your body memory for that's special day.


What's in there?
♡ Labour Circuit (breathing + movements + meditation + affirmations + visualizations & More…)

♡ Simple art work (by me and/or you)

♡ Healthy snacks

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